Roast Extracts

Our extremely diverse range of roast malt extracts for addition in beer range from high colour/low flavour to high flavour/low colour.

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16500-17500 EBC Col.


RB1500/45 is the darkest roast malt extract in the PureMalt Range. With only a mild roast flavour this product is best suited for altering colour attributes.
8750-9250 EBC Col.


Similar to RB1500/45, this product is intended for colour trimming and only has a slight roast flavour.
8500-9500 EBC Col.


This product has a robust roast flavour and intense roast colour.
7000-8500 ebc

RB Smooth

Recently developed, RB Smooth is similar to RB8 but has slightly less intense flavour and colour characteristics. This product also shows good foam stability when applied to beer.