Soft Drinks

The following malt extracts are ideally suited for use in soft drinks applications.

350-450 EBC Col.


ABX/400 is a darker product than ZAB with a malty/toffee flavour. Still a clarified malt extract this product is typically used as a base for malt beverages.
<140 EBC Col.


Similar to ZAB/65. The major difference being ZAB/Brite is a clarified extract and therefore does not require filtering.
300-380 EBC Col.


CB30 is the lightest in colour of the crystal extracts i the Puremalt range. This product has a sweet, malty flavour.
16500-17500 EBC Col.


RB1500/45 is the darkest roast malt extract in the PureMalt Range. With only a mild roast flavour this product is best suited for altering colour attributes.