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Montgomerie Chocolate

Made from the highest quality Scottish Malting Barley 'Montgomerie Chocolate' offers a strong, smooth roasted malt flavour with elements of mocha and chocolate.
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    Smooth Roasted Chocolate

    Inspired by...
    John Montgomerie




    Montgomerie acquired the Mill which was used to make specialist flours for Bermaline malted bread - a major brand at that time. 

    Malt Style: Roast

    Produced from the finest Scottish Barley grown in the luscious Lowlands by award winning farmers.

    Flavour: Mocha Coffee Chocolate

    Most of our products have a sensory profile that is derived from the speciality malt used to produce them. There is a strong association between the development of colour and the perceived sensory profile. Check out our flavour wheel to learn more about this.

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