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From Haddington to the world
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Our products are distributed to more than 70 countries on 6 continents

PureMalt are proud to to have highly effective partnerships all over the world.
Search our partner network below to find the representatives in your region.

Australasia Invita

Invita comes from ‘In’ for Ingredients and ‘Vita’, the Latin word for life… Invita …‘Ingredients for Life’. Invita imports, markets and distributes food and life science ingredients, focusing its activities on the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries. Invita has built its reputation on supplying quality ingredients, being creative and innovative and by being a customer focused company.

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global food 2
Brazil Globalfood

Consumers are always changing their desires and habits. They want healthier and cheaper products with more flavour. To win in the business world you have to be aware of what consumers want right now - and anticipate what they may want tomorrow, so you're always ready with a solution. We do our own market research so we can develop ingredients to help our customers stay one step ahead.

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Japan DSP-Gokyo

As showed by our corporate slogan “Your Helping Hand”, we focus on being “helpful for society”. We aim to add greater value in the supply of our goods. We are determined to continue to grasp precisely the needs of society and supply truly needed high quality products to you safely and stably.

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Iberia Brenntag

Brenntag is the global market leader in chemical distribution. The German based international company manages complex supply chains for both chemical manufacturers and consumers by simplifying market access to thousands of products and services. It combines a global network with outstanding local execution.

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IMCD Group.png
Indonesia IMCD

IMCD Indonesia is a leading distributor of food ingredients in Southeast Asia’s largest and fastest growing economy. Supplying nutraceutical and personal care ingredients to the market, IMCD Indonesia’s industry-focused teams deliver value- added growth and ensure optimum market focus.

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Benelux IMCD

IMCD Benelux has a long tradition in the marketing, sales and distribution of specialty chemicals and food ingredients. With  a head office in Rotterdam (The Netherlands) as well as offices in Amersfoort (the Netherlands) and Mechelen (Belgium), IMCD Benelux has more than doubled business over the last decade.

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Shanghai Sunny B&W
China Shanghai Sunny

Shanghai Sunny Biological Science and Technology Co.,Ltd was founded in 2002. Specializing in providing ingredients and technical support to the brewing industry for more than 15 years. Our product range covers malt extract, hop products, fruit juice, flavors and fragrances, beer processing aids, microbial detectors and more.
The company gathers superior resources to provide customers with beer raw and auxiliary materials, and at the same time concentrates more on application programs, technical support, usage evaluation and other omni-directional services. In the transformation stage of beer industry, we provide customers with diversified and personalized product solutions.

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Nigeria Biochemical Derivatives Ltd

Biochemical Derivatives Limited is a limited liability company incorporated in Nigeria with headquarters in Lagos. We specialize in the importation, marketing and sales of specialty ingredients and additives to the food/ beverage and the pharmaceutical/cosmetic industries.

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South Africa Chemelco

Founded in 1965, Chemelco has been sourcing specialty food ingredients, raw materials and specialty chemicals to customers in the Caribbean, Central America and South African regions. Ever since it has grown to 5 offices worldwide, serving different markets.

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biochemart 2
Poland Biochem-Art

The company "BIOCHEM-ART" is a dynamically developing Polish company specializing in professional catering industry. We provide technical and technological assistance in the field of production, with a special focus on the brewing industry. The products we offer are characterized by high efficiency at an attractive price. We provide professional knowledge and satisfactory service.

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MengKai-LOGO (002)
China Mengkai

Mengkai Biotech co, Ltd is an innovative provider of natural ingredients, located in Shanghai.We are providing high-quality, natural raw materials and technical application solutions for food segments such as baking, condiments, health food,and spirits. Especially in the natural replacement of caramel color, Mengkai partner PureMalt to provide customers with a perfect "clean label" solution. The expert team of Mengkai has more than 10 years of professional experience, providing customers with comprehensive support in application technology, quality control, and regulations.

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India IMCD

Established in 2008 and headquartered in Mumbai. IMCD India represents leading international producers of speciality chemicals including food and pharma ingredients. Covering a range of market sectors and with an exceptional track record of growth, our team of high-calibre technical and commercial specialists advise our customers on function, formulation and application of products.

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France IMCD

IMCD France, formerly known as SPCI, is a leading distributor of speciality chemicals and food ingredients. Its extensive team of technical sales experts meet and exceed customers’ needs in numerous market segments, boasting an unparalleled product offering from a broad range of first-class suppliers. A highly motivated back office team serve customers through offering outstanding logistic capabilities and fast, reliable delivery.

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Central America & The Caribbean Chemelco

Founded in 1965, Chemelco has been sourcing specialty food ingredients, raw materials and specialty chemicals to customers in the Caribbean, Central America and South African regions. Ever since it has grown to 5 offices worldwide, serving different markets.

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Republic of Korea Dyne Soze

Dyne Soze has grown to one of the top food ingredients companies in Korea since its establishment in 2003. We work with all major food companies in Korea. We cooperate with numerous overseas partners With our powerful R&D center (Antimicrobial Lab, Food ingredients Lab, Hydrocolloid Lab and Solution center) we provide optimized solutions & applications to our customers.

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Thai Tan B&W
Laos, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Cambodia Thai Tan

Thai Tan established in 2001. Their board of directors have more than 30 years experience working in the food and beverage industry. Distributing in over 20 different product categories, across Vietnam. With an average growth rate of 5-7% per year. Their 82 strong team achieved annual revenue for 2020 $80,000,000 USD. They lead the distribution and supply for the brewing industry in Vietnam.

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North America Gusmer Enterprises

With multiple locations across the USA, Gusmer Enterprises Inc is a manufacturer, supplier and innovator providing the best products and services to liquid processing industries. Gusmer’s focus on liquid filtration products, fermentation technology & beverage processing aid makes them the 'go to' provider for the beverage industry.  Gusmer is known for their Service with Knowledge®, providing stellar service with a consultative sales approach and in-house technical expertise.

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IMCD White
Italy IMCD
IMCD Italy is a leading distributor of speciality chemicals and food ingredients. Having grown the business five-fold in the last decade, IMCD Italy has successfully developed in one of the most fragmented and competitive distribution business environments in Europe.
IMCD Italy is tailored to comply with all regional requirements and local market trends with aim to become the distributor of choice across all relevant markets.
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mpm logo for pure partners
Turkey MPM Gida

MPM Gıda was established in Istanbul, Turkey in 2007. MPM specialise in vegetable oils, oil seeds, feedstuffs, grains, dried fruits & nuts, bakery, dairy and  food additive businesses. We are a leading supplier of food ingredients in our market and MPM Gıda is positioned as a preferred business partner for the leading organisations in the sector thanks to our core values: reliability, integrity, professionalism and loyalty to its customers.

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