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Bakery, confectionery & desserts

A diverse range of refined malt ingredients offering colour, flavour and texture for breads, cakes and muffins, chocolates, prepared desserts and ice cream –  Liquids, powders and gluten free options.



Ideal for providing natural sweetness and clean kilned malt flavour in ice cream and other desserts. Smooth in texture and pale gold in colour this product facilities easy blending. 

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puremalt kd4

Use in dry mixes to provide typical malt character and natural sweetness. Suitable for a wide range of bakery and confectionery applications, breakfast cereals, dairy products and desserts.

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puremalt cb30/65

Add to your recipe for natural sweetness and a distinguishable caramel malt character. Ideal for sweet bakery products, confectionery and ice cream.

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puremalt cb120/65

Use in your formulation to provide distinct crystal malt, caramel flavour. A great source of natural sweetness and red colour for decadent bakery and confectionery products.

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puremalt cb220/65

Great for providing complexity and depth of flavour in bakery and confectionery applications. Strong and sweet crystal malt with a rich red tone.

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puremalt rex

A versatile roast malt liquid for use in general bakery and dessert applications. Imparts a slight caramelised flavour and an intense red tone.

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Distinct roast character and deep brown colour for bakery and dessert applications. Great for enhancing the flavour and colour of mincemeat (fruit) or a fruit loaf.

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puremalt rd50
A great solution for providing intense dark colour where strong roasted flavours are not desirable. A versatile ingredient but particularly useful in dark coloured/dark chocolate bakery products, confectionery and desserts.
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Assorted Chocolates -rendered.jpg

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