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PureMalt cb30/65

The lightest in colour of our crystal malt products, CB30/65 has a bold malty, toffee character.


    Caramalt Concentrate

    Key Analytical Data
    Parameter Specification Units
    Colour 350 EBC
    Solids 65 Brix
    pH 4.5 pH [10% w/v]
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    Product Data Sheet
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    Material Safety Data Sheet
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    Application Guidlines
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    Pure Application

    Add to your recipe for natural sweetness and a distinguishable caramel malt character. Ideal for sweet bakery products, confectionery and ice cream.

    Pure Sensory

    Most of our products have a sensory profile that is derived from the speciality malt used to produce them. There is a strong association between the development of colour and the perceived sensory profile. Check out our flavour wheel to learn more about this.

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    Pure Distinction

    Gary Shaw, our Technical Manager, would like to briefly introduce PureMalt CB30/65 and explain the characteristics, benefits and potential applications for this product. 

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