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Refined malt liquids and powders offering flexibility and variety in both fresh and powdered savoury food applications. Our dark roast malt powders also provide a clean label alternative to caramel colour in concentrated flavour enhancers – stock cubes and pots, seasoning mixes and marinades, pastes and rich gravies. Liquids, powders and gluten free options.


PureMalt Rex

A versatile roast malt liquid for cost effective natural colouring. Provides intense dark red colour and low caramelised flavour. A good value option for vinegar blends, pickles and conserves.

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PureMalt RL25

Distinct roast character and a natural source of intense dark colour. Suitable for use in fruits conserves, vinegar blends, pickles and dark fruity table sauces.

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PureMalt RD34

A natural solution for providing rich dark colour and low roast, savoury flavour. A versatile ingredient but particularly useful in the production of dry mixes, flavour enhancement products (stock cubes and pots), soups, cooking sauces and condiments.

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PureMalt RD50

A great natural solution for providing intense dark colour where strong roasted flavours are not desirable. Widely used for colouring concentrated flavour enhancers: stocks, seasoning mixes, pastes and marinades. Also useful in rich dark soups and table sauces: BBQ style and ketchups.

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Assorted Soups - rendered.jpg


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