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Our Community

PureMalt are proud to support charitable initiatives within our network.
Read the blog for the latest updates within our community.


Our Community Kitchen exists to reduce social isolation for people of all ages and abilities by bringing together the local community of Haddington and Lammermuir to enjoy good hearty fresh food and allowing friendships to form.  OCK runs from Haddington Bowling Club and has organically developed. We also work with our local Area Partnership around holiday hunger for pupils whose families are in receipt of a low income. 

We normally bring up to 90 people together each week, however, we have stopped our usual way of working to respond to this horrendous coronavirus. We are still continuing to change people’s lives through food, but in a very different way.

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Haddington Rugby Football Club has a proud history.  We are delighted to have PureMalt as our primary sponsor, particularly with their strong industrial heritage within the town.

Building rugby teams is multi-faceted. The support that PureMalt provides to Haddington RFC enables us to ensure that our senior teams have strips to wear, that we can ensure adequate changing facilities to members of all ages and genders, as well as for community clubs and schools. PureMalt has enabled us to ensure that the next crop of players is developed by enabling coaches to be accredited, as well as providing funding for our Youth Development Officer.

The difference PureMalt has had on the club is not only based upon financial investment. PureMalt has become a part of the Haddington RFC family. Whether attending games, or by recognising success by selecting and presenting “Man of the Match” awards, PureMalt has always shown a keen interest in the success of the club. We look forward to this continuing long into the future, with Haddington RFC and PureMalt remaining at the heart of the community.

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The Club currently has around 270 players, with around 70 volunteers, who are either Coaches or Committee members. The Club has a development pathway for players, from 5 year-olds in our Soccer School, through to adults in the 1st Team. We have boys’ and girls’ youth teams, playing 7, 9 & 11-a- side football, in both the Edinburgh and East Lothian Leagues. The 1st Team play in the East of Scotland League and have recently been accepted for a Full Licence, by the SFA, which will enable them to play in the Scottish Cup.

The Youth teams play out of the fantastic facility at Whittingehame Drive, which includes a Pavilion and floodlit 3G all weather pitch. The 1st Team are based at Millfield, on the enclosed floodlit grass pitch.

PureMalt have generously sponsored our 2009 youth team since 2019, purchasing home and away kits for the team. This has been a huge help to the team financially and we fully appreciate the support that our neighbours at PureMalt provide.

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PureMalt are proud to support and sponsor local team 'Five in a Row'. They will be raising money for the charity 'Reverse Rett'. The team of 5 will make up 1 of 30 teams participating from around the world in the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Rowing Challenge, crossing from La Gomera to Antigua.


  • OCK receive second place award in the 'organisation category' of the Blooming Haddington 2021 Wheelbarrow competition.
  • OCK have teamed up with Compass School's pupil council and parents to raise funds for the charity through the sale of the school's cookbook. The Haddington based school were able to sell 140 copies, the proceed's for which were donated to OCK. The charity welcomes the fundraising effort and encourages further collaboration between the 2 parties, suggesting the school visits to learn about growing food and the links between gardening, food production and sustainability.

    140 copies of the cookbook sold, raising £585 for the charity.


  • OCK are undertaking the production of kindness cards. A kindness card is a message of positivity, on one side it will introduce the charity. On the other, a message or drawing of something positive, produced by the local school children. The cards will be shared out among local hospitals, day centers and nursing homes.
  • The charity currently open their doors every Thursday and Friday to around 40-50 people. The prospect of another day (Wednesday) is currently being considered.
  • On the last weekend of October the charity hope to kick off social events. OCK are keen to host social events centered around music and games. This offers an evening alternative to their regular offering.
  • In the garden the charity are weeding out some planters and planting spring bulbs following the success of their summer vegetable crop.


  • The 'Walk with Scott Foundation' have completed a fundraising effort for local charities, ending at Ross High where OCK met them with a curry for over 100 fundraisers.


  • It has been noted by participants that it is very heartwarming to see members of OCK come together again, familiar faces and new faces are making friends and socialising together.
  • OCK look to host a volunteer day in November where the charity will share future and current plans.
  • A new fundraising team is on the way as the existing members move on to new projects.
  • OCK's 50/50 club has this month generated £322.50 for charity and this month's winner takes home £322.50.
  • The new food warehouse in Haddington has struck up a good relationship with OCK through the donation of food to support OCK.
  • OCK is currently planning to open on Christmas day for individuals who would otherwise be alone this Christmas. With the week leading up to Christmas the charity endeavor to host a Christmas themed event.

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