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Over the last few years, I have been cooking for PureMalt staff, guests and events. I create every day food recipes for all to enjoy and often experiment with the addition of malt extracts in some of my dishes. East Lothian is a county full of great tasting and exciting local produce, which I will try to include in my food whenever possible.  It’s all about quality and flavour – hope you enjoy my recipes!

Fee x

    A Cranachan Malted Pavlova Kiwi Style.



    A Traditional Burns Night Dessert given a New Zealand twist!

    • 6 x Egg Whites ( older eggs at room temperature work best )
    • 1 x tsp white vinegar.
    • 1 x tsp Malt Extract. (Pure Malt CB30)
    • 1 x tsp Cornflour.
    • 1 3/4 cups x castor sugar.

    Pre heat oven to 150c / 130 c fan. Line a large flat baking sheet with baking parchment. Place a large round dinner plate in middle of lined baking tin and draw around it leaving a circle imprinted on to paper.

    Next, take each egg and separate yolk from white into two different bowls. Reserve the yolks for using in a different recipe later.



    Place the whites into a mixer and turn onto medium speed and mix until stiff, white and foamy.

    After measuring out the required amount of sugar, turn speed up on mixer and add the cornflour then slowly add sugar tablespoon at a time until it’s all combined and meringue mixture is thick and glossy white. If you pinch a bit between your fingers it shouldn’t be grainy.




    Turn mixer speed down to slow and add the vinegar and Malt Extract, whip until it’s all combined.


    When your happy with the consistency of the meringue mix, remove the mixer from its base and carefully spoon out onto prepared baking sheet, making sure to keep mixture inside the circle you have drawn.



    After spooning out all the lovely thick dreamy meringue, pop it into oven and leave to bake for about 1 hour and 30 minutes. DO NOT OPEN OVEN DOOR during cooking. After required time switch oven off and leave meringue inside to cool down for at least 3 hours if not overnight which is best. Again DO NOT BE TEMPTED TO OPEN OVEN DOOR. Any change in temperature will cause Meringue to either crack or sink or even both. 


    After you have waited, remove the now cold and settled meringue from oven.


    A triumph! Risen and crispy on outside, soft gooey marshmallowy on the inside.

    Now for the topping!





    • 1 x Bag frozen Raspberries (or 2 x punnets fresh)
    • 2 x tsps of Manuka Honey. ( or honey of your choice)
    • 2 x tsps Malt Liquer or just Whiskey.
    • 1 x carton thick double cream.
    • 2 x tablspns oatmeal.
    • 2 x tablspns natural brown sugar.


    Firstly, add your Malt liqueur to your Raspberries and leave to macerate for about 10 mins. Now whip your cream until quite thick, before adding in the honey and gently folding through. Taste as you go and add more if you feel it needs it. I like to taste the honey but don’t want it too sweet.



    Start to assemble Meringue by gently pushing with back of teaspoon on to the top of your creation, pushing the meringue through to make a sort of well.



    Don’t worry if it looks rough around the edges as you will be filling it in with the whipped cream and topping off with raspberries so you won’t notice. If you didn’t do this, your topping will just slide off sides of meringue and end up in a gooey mess.

    Gently fill in well with cream first and then fill in rest with the macerated Raspberries.





    Set aside in fridge for ten minutes whilst you toast the oats.

    In a heavy based saucepan add the oats and toast them off till they are dark and golden and smell toasty, remove from the heat and keep moving them around in saucepan or they will burn very quickly. Now sprinkle in the brown sugar and mix through. Leave to cool.





    When they are cold and ideally just before serving, sprinkle them all over top of raspberries and meringue base.



    Now cut a large wedge, serve on a plate and devour.






    A great way to end your Burns Supper!

    Cheers Rabbie Burns!


    If you liked this recipe, check out more on my blog Foodie Fee



    Fee X 




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