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Foodie Fee

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Over the last few years, I have been cooking for PureMalt staff, guests and events. I create every day food recipes for all to enjoy and often experiment with the addition of malt extracts in some of my dishes. East Lothian is a county full of great tasting and exciting local produce, which I will try to include in my food whenever possible.  It’s all about quality and flavour – hope you enjoy my recipes!

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    Lemon & Raspberry Pancake Stack

    Easy to prepare,guaranteed to be demolished in a matter of minutes! You can either cut it like a cake and serve in slices or carefully roll each pancake and serve




    Large Sweet Pancakes


    Mascarpone Cream Cheese

    2 x 250g

    Extra Thick Double Cream

    1 x 600ml

    Lemon Curd

    1 x 411g


    2 x 250g


    2 tbsp



    1)  Place 2/3 of raspberries into a saucepan together with 2 tbsp sugar and bring to the boil.  Be sure to keep an eye on it         as it can burn quickly


     2)  Reduce to a simmer and let all the sugar dissolve and the fruit reduce to pulp.  Simmer for around 10 mins


    3)  Pour through a sieve and let the juice drain into a bowl

    4)  Set aside and allow to cool

    5)  In a large bowl, empty 500ml of double cream and whisk until thick.  Add both tubs of mascarpone and whisk through        until you have firm peaks


    6)  Mix in full jar of lemon curd, you can add less if you prefer


    7)  Place the first pancake on a plate and spread lemon cream over it, top with a few raspberries lightly squishing them            as you go


    8)  Drizzle a little of the raspberry coulis over


    9)  Repeat the process until you have a complete stack

    10) Decorate the top with remaining raspberries then pour remaining coulis over and allow to drip down the sides



     Download Recipe

    Fee x



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