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Foodie Fee

Thank you for visiting my blog!

Over the last few years, I have been cooking for PureMalt staff, guests and events. I create every day food recipes for all to enjoy and often experiment with the addition of malt extracts in some of my dishes. East Lothian is a county full of great tasting and exciting local produce, which I will try to include in my food whenever possible.  It’s all about quality and flavour – hope you enjoy my recipes!

Fee x

    Thai red veggie curry

    Delicious, tasty and easy to prepare vegetarian thai red curry. Packed full of fresh veg and a hint of spice!








    Ingredients: Feeds 4 people

    1 X large white onion

    1 large piece root ginger

    3 X tblsp Thai red curry paste

    2 X tsp chilli paste

    2 X cans coconut milk

    4 X tblsp soy sauce

    1 X tsp rice wine vinegar

     1 X large head broccoli

    Bag baby potatoes

    Packet fresh green beans

    Packet baby sweetcorn

    Bag fresh spinach

    Small red chilli

    Fresh coriander

    Nan breads


    Finely chop onion and sauté in a few large splotches olive oil in a large pan. When soft and translucent add grated ginger and cook for 5 mins stirring continually to avoid sticking.







    Then add red curry paste, chilli paste and coconut milk, bring to a simmer for five mins, then add soy sauce.


    This is your basic Thai broth. You can then add veg and or meat to suit your tastes.







    I pre boiled the potatoes for ten minutes until just tender, before straining and adding to sauce. Simmer sauce gently (careful not to split coconut milk) along with your added veg until veg is cooked. Just before serving add rice wine vinegar and spinach until it's wilted out.







    Serve in bowls and garnish with finely chopped red chilli and coriander along with a nan bread to soak up the sauce.














    Very tasty. Makes a great supper for a group of friends!




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